Somalia: Puntland fourth political association responds to allegations

Bossaso, Somalia Dec 10 2012 (Faafiye) – Puntland’s fourth political association Hor’ad, replied to an allegation made by Gen. Abdullahi Saeed Samantar, calling his allegations “baseless” and requesting that the politician give an apology about the statement, Faafiye Online reports.

Puntland’s newest political association Hor’ad responded to allegations made by former Minister of Security Gen. Abdullahi Saeed Samantar who alleged that Hor’ad did not stand for its moniker, which is a shortened version of the Somali words “Progress and Justice”, nor was it made by community leaders.

Omar Ismail Waberi one of the founders of Hor’ad, spoke to press in Puntland stating that he was unhappy with Gen. Samantar comment and requested that he should apologize for the comment.

“I am deeply disappointed that the General would make a statement like that and I’m also surprised at the rash comment,” said Mr. Waberi speaking to press on Sunday.

Hor’ad announced that it was a political association earlier this month in Bossaso. It is the fourth political association in Puntland’s ongoing democratization process.

Puntland is transitioning to a democratic system that has been ongoing since September 2012. Previously Puntland presidents were chosen democratically by parliament.

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