Bishop arrested with home-made bomb in Nairobi.


A bishop and a quarry worker were arrested as they carried a bomb in Nairobi.

The two were intercepted in Runda estate as they drove in a Four Wheel Drive car towards Githunguri where it is suspected they wanted to use the explosive. The bishop is a member of an evangelical church known as Vision Church.

Nairobi police boss Anthony Kibuchi said the homemade bomb was ready for detonation.

“I can confirm it was a homemade bomb and we have arrested two people, including a pastor. But we are yet to know where they were to use the dangerous explosive,” he said.

He said the bishop had sought the services of the man who works at a quarry in the city to help him in assembling and detonating it.

“We are still interrogating the bishop and his accomplice before we let you know more. We are in charge and let no one panic,”

Experts say the explosive seized can bring down a building or cause massive destruction.

Officers from Special Crimes Prevention Unit intercepted the bishop and the accomplice at the Kiambu/Runda road at gunpoint at 4pm on Sunday.

The suspects were driven to separate police stations as a hunt for more suspects got under way.

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