St. Paul murder suspect fresh out of jail for bus driver beating,

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KMSP) –


A St. Paul man who served 3 years in prison for the violent attack of a hotel shuttle driver is back in jail, charged with second-degree murder in the Aug. 5 shooting death of Jeffery Earl Willingham near Concordia University.

Willingham, 24, had been drinking in a park with friends when a Somali man approached and started yelling at them for no reason. According to the criminal complaint, the man told them, “I have a permit and I will shoot you and all your friends,” before walking away.

Willingham allegedly walked after the suspect, shouting, “Shoot me n—–!” According to the charges, the suspect fired a shot into the air, then ran toward Marshall Avenue, with Willingham chasing after him.

About one block away, St. Paul police officers were stopped at an intersection when they heard two gunshots and saw a person run across Marshall Avenue. When officers arrived at the scene, they found Willingham on the sidewalk, unresponsive, with a bullet wound to his stomach. He was pronounced dead the next morning.

Ibrahim Mohammed Abdullahi, 26, was identified as the suspect after a car registered to him was found near the scene of the shooting, with a handgun inside. A search of Abdullahi’s apartment turned up several round of ammunition and a shirt that matched the description of the suspect.

Abdullahi was released from prison in December 2013 after serving a sentence for attacking hotel shuttle driver Edwin Daniel with a baseball bat outside of a SuperAmerica gas station on W. 7th Street.

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