Baby Trapped Under Dead Father For Days


The little girl’s father suddenly died, pinning her underneath him until she was found by her brother days later.

An 11-month-old baby has survived after being trapped under the body of her dead father for up to three days.

Betty Jean Fields was found beneath her father Jason Fields, who is thought to have died from sudden cardiac arrest at the family home in the small town of Pleasant Hill in Louisiana.

Investigators believe Mr Fields, 43, could have been dead on the bed with Betty Jean under him, pinned against a wall, for up to three days.

The pair were discovered on Friday when the little girl’s brother, said to be three or four years old, ran to a neighbour’s house and told them he thought his father was dead, relatives told local news channel KSLA News 12.

The infant was airlifted to University Health Centre in Shreveport, suffering from skin blisters and a dark indentation on the right side of her forehead from being pinned against the wall for so long.

A family member also reported that she had a seizure when first brought in to hospital. 

Betty Jean is now said to be in a good condition and playing with toys.

The baby’s mother was in prison at the time but has now been granted early release to care for the little girl and her brother.

The family said they were experiencing mixed emotions. They were happy that the baby survived but sad about losing the children’s father.

Mr Fields had a heart condition and likely died of cardiac arrest, a coroner has confirmed. 

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