Male burglar caught admiring himself in the victim’s knickers


It seems that some burglars will do anything to get some kicks, but this particular burglar was caught on camera rummaging through a ladies underwear drawer and putting on her knickers. The pervert was caught on camera walking about the room in the ladies small panties admiring himself in the mirror as he tried on a few.

He was also entertaining himself in another way apparently by listening to what we presume was music on a set of headphones as he pranced around the room. The girlfriend of the owner of the house, Steve Fremond, was naturally pretty scared by what she saw, but Steve loaded up the images and tape of the event onto YouTube and added the title, “This pervert broke into my house while I was out.”

Well the burglar has not been caught yet but a few thousand will have seen him prancing about on video. The police have a copy and the burglar, or should we call him an amateur linger model, will be somewhat embarrassed if anyone who knows him has seen the footage.

The man was obviously preoccupied by the knickers as he did not take any valuables at all during his performance, just a framed picture of the home owner’s girlfriend that was on one of the tables. We imagine she will be out buying some new underwear though.

Check out the knicker burglar video below (things start to get weird at the 3 minute mark):      

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