Firemen wear gas masks to rescue 25 stone man who hadn’t washed for 5 years


We have all read or heard about firemen having to rescue pet cats, rescue people trapped in floods and such like, but in Germany recently we believe this one has to be amongst the most odd.

For neighbours in a block of flats near Stuttgart, they must have thought that they were being subjected to a chemical attack as they saw a group of fire fighters approaching their homes wearing gas masks and protective suits, but what they were in fact doing was rescuing a morbidly obese man that had not washed in five years. He weighed in at a massive 25 stones and was found amongst a pile of rubbish. A neighbour heard tapping on her ceiling and called in the rescue services.

The man had been living on take away meals which he had delivered to him and considering the dreadful smell that neighbours and fire fighters described, it is surprising that the delivery man did not report it. In order to rescue the man, the firemen had to smash down the door and they described the smell as absolute hell, knee deep in pizza boxes rotting food and general rubbish. As it was impossible to get the man through the door he had to be lowered to the ground by crane. Afterwards the man told his rescuers that he had been unable to wash for five years.

Afterwards, the firemen could be seen disinfecting and washing down their equipment and hazard protection suits.

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