Create buffer zone along Kenya and Somalia border


The United Nations (UN), should deploy its peace keepers along the Kenya –Somalia boundary to contain the Alshabaab attacks on the Kenyan territory, Gichugu MP Njogu Barua has said.

Barua said due to the lengthy boundary, the Kenyan security agents have not been able to patrol the 700 kilometer stretch boundary due to limitation in number of personnel.

He said the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), currently working in conjunction with the UNISOM in Somalia to dismantle the Alshabaab insurgents could not be able to patrol the boundary effectively.

Barua also called for the establishment of a buffer zone of seven kilometers into either side of the two territories as yet another measure to police the porous border.

Speaking at Riakithiga market when he presided over a funds drive in aid of Ngiroche South and Mikarara West water projects, Barua said unless measures are put in place to contain the insecurity, Kenyans will remain targets of terrorist attacks.

At the same time, Barua criticized the CORD leadership for being ungrateful to the good gesture by the government to support the funeral expenses of the late Senator Gerald Kajwang.

He claimed that CORD leadership did not seize the opportunity to cultivate for peace, but went ahead to make scathing attacks and divide Kenyans.

The legislator called on Jubilee to safeguard wananchi from divisive ideologies.

Barua said all like-minded political parties should come together and forge a common front to keep CORD on check.

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