Seattle woman brutally killed in Wallingford.

Lacey man accused of killing Seattle woman, driving her body to mental hospital.

The 29-year-old man accused of killing 24-year-old Biftu Hussein Dadi and then driving the Seattle woman’s body to a state mental hospital has been charged with second-degree murder.

King County prosecutors claim Attila Richards admitted to killing Dadi on Sunday morning after spending the night with her in her SUV. Richards, 29, is alleged to have then driven Dadi’s Jeep Cherokee to a state mental hospital in Lakewood, where he directed staff to her body in the Jeep’s rear seat.

According to charging papers, Richards killed Dadi hours after an argument outside a male strip club in Seattle’s Crown Hill neighborhood. Prosecutors say he stabbed Dadi to death that morning in Wallingford inside the parked SUV.

“While under the self-professed effects of illegal drug consumption and mental illness, he repeatedly stabbed (Dadi) with a skinner’s knife with a gut hook,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Donald Raz said in charging papers. Raz noted that Richards then spent hours driving to Western State Hospital in Lakewood, rather than seek help for the mortally wounded woman.

Richards described himself as Dadi’s boyfriend, a claim disputed by several people who knew Dadi. Police claim Richards said they had been dating for a week. Dadi had a longtime boyfriend whose last name she’d been using shortly before her death.

In court papers, Seattle Police Detective Russ Weklych said Richards arrived at Western State shortly before 11 a.m., parked the Jeep Cherokee and walked into the secure, state-run mental institution. Inside, Richards told staff he’d killed Dadi, the detective said, and directed them to her body and asked to be committed.

Hospital security officers found Dadi dead in the SUV’s backseat. Richards was arrested and taken to the Lakwood Police Department, where he was interviewed by detectives before they came to believe he’d killed Dadi in Seattle.

Speaking with police, Richards said he’d stabbed Dadi to death after an argument earlier at Stallions, a strip club located at 8517 15th Ave. N.W. in Seattle’s Crown Hill neighborhood, Weklych said. According to the detective, Richards said they then drove to Wallingford, where he killed Dadi.

Investigators with the King County Medical Examiner’s Office subsequently determined Dadi had been stabbed at least seven times. She bled to death.

The evening before the killing, Dadi drove Richards to Stallions so they could earn money for drugs and rent, the man told police, according to court papers.

“The attempts to perform did not materialize and (he) states he and Dadi argued over money and what they were going to do,” Weklych said in court papers.

Richards told police he was high on mushrooms and painkillers, and blacked out after leaving the strip club, the detective continued.

Police recovered a .45 cal. pistol from Richards’ backpack. He is alleged to have claimed that Dadi threatened to kill him and attempted to grab the pistol to shoot him during the argument.Richards is expected to be arraigned March 25 at the King County Courthouse. He is currently being held at King County Jail on $2 million bail.

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