Teacher forces terminally ill 11 year old girl to take off her wig

Some people have lots of compassion, other for some reason do not have any at all. Teachers generally can be very understanding, especially when it involves illness, but in this case the teacher concerned acted in a rather cruel way.

It all occurred at Oakmeeds Community College, in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, when the teacher in question made an eleven year old girl, suffering from a debilitating condition that has left her trapped inside the body of a pensioner and from which she is expected to die before reaching 16 years of age, remove her wig. Now the wig in question was a rather bright shade of pink, but as the girl was bald, perhaps having a word with the mother and changing it for a brown or black wig may have been the way forward.

Her mother Phoebe Smith, of Burgess Hill, said “It’s an absolute disgrace. She was completely devastated when the teacher told her to take the wig off. We know that nobody has pink hair but anything that can cheer my daughter up has to be encouraged.”

The reason the teacher acted the way he did was that it might make other pupils dye their hair pink too, was the explanation, which would have been interesting we imagine. Surely common sense was called for here, West Sussex County Council was unable to comment on the matter as the school had not mentioned it to them, well they know now don’t they?


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