Charges: Man assaulted after speaking Somali on bus.

MINNEAPOLIS – A  man is charged after authorities say he punched a man on a bus, after he heard him speaking another language. 
Cornell White, 56, is charged with assault motivated by bias and drug possession after the Nov. 19 incident on a public bus near Chicago Avenue and Lake Street East in Minneapolis. 

According to the criminal charges, the victim told police he was speaking Somali with a friend on the bus when White stood up, told him to “speak English” and began punching him in the face. 
The man was also yelling ethnic and sexual slurs, the complaint states. 
The responding officer noticed the victim had a swollen left eye. 
In a review of the bus’ surveillance video, investigators saw White stand up without being provoked, walk over to the victim and attack him, throwing several punches to his head and body. 
White was arrested at the scene. During the booking process, police also found he was in possession of 2.5 grams of methamphetamine. He is currently in custody. 

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