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Somali Airlines
23 years on, Somalia’s defunct fla...

23 years on, Somalia’s defunct flag carrier eyes return to the sky.

By frica Review’s Somalia Correspondent Abdulkadir Khalif Last month, Transport minister Sa’eed Jama Mohamed Qorsheel said that Somalia was committed to reviving Somali Airlines, the country’s defunct flag carrier that vanished when the central... read more »

Minneapolis Somali Community Leaders: Th...

Minneapolis Somali Community Leaders: The good , the Bad and the Ugly .

  Minneapolis Minnesota  has the largest Somali Population in the US , it is home to an estimated 70,000  Somali Nationals. The Somali Residents of this City are hard working , Honest People working hard to achieve the American Dream .they run flourishing Small... read more »

Somalia, one year later.

Somalia, one year later.

Hopes that Somalia may soon turn the page on decades of anarchy have been dealt a string of blows, giving the internationally-backed government little to cheer as it marks its first birthday. Al-Qaeda-inspired fighters, breakaway regions, rival clans and an... read more »

Building Sustainable Peace.

Building Sustainable Peace.

By Hudda Ibrahim Following the downfall of president Siad Barre in 1991, a civil war broke out in Somalia between the factions. The internecine conflict has taken its heavy toll on all Somalis, but women in general face a disproportionate burden. With many men... read more »

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Swimming with a Machete.

Swimming with a Machete.

  By AbdiMahad . Mogadishu, a city known for constant conflict and heavy shelling and suicide bombs, today both the young and old flock to the beach on... read more »

Dhadhaab Refugee camp

Australia’s asylum debate viewed from Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp.

My friend Rashid has been living in Dadaab for 22 years. When we talked about the Australian government publishing pictures of sobbing refugees, he thought... read more »

xeebta Liido .

Mogadishu Is On the Road to Recovery My Trip to Mogadishu Hudda Ibrahim.

Article By: Hudda Ibrahim. I left Somalia in the nineties during the outbreak of the civil war. I spent my life in Ethiopia, Kenya and U.S ever since. In... read more »

female genital mutilation in somalia

New survey shows female genital mutilation on decline in Somalia .

NAIROBI, Kenya – Attitudes in Somalia toward a practice that critics decry as torture may be changing, as new data released by the U.N.... read more »

somali explosion

Somalia’s peace: Running on empty?

After 20 years of civil conflict, Somalia has once again been given a stark reminder of the challenges facing its UN-backed government. A fragile peace has again... read more »