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Israel Reopens Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel has decided to reopen Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque hours after ordering its closure, police told AFP news agency.  The mosque, in the Al-Aqsa complex which

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Rocket Explosion: ‘Hazardous Materials’ Warning

Flames shoot into the sky after a rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station explodes seconds after lift-off. People have been warned to keep

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The lava flow from the Kilauea Volcano is seen near the village of Pahoa, Hawaii

Hawaii volcano crawls towards homes

A stream of lava from the Kilauea volcano meandered towards a village on Hawaii's Big Island on Monday night, creeping to just 70 yards (meters) of the nearest home. Residents in ...

Ebola-Free Nurse Amber Vinson To Be Discharged

A Texas nurse who caught Ebola after treating an infected Liberian man is to be discharged from hospital later. Amber Vinson, 29, is expected to make a statement as she leaves ...

7 Things I Can Do That My Black Son Can’t

In the days after the Michael Brown shooting, I wrote an essay titled “I Hope My Son Stays White,” detailing my fears about what might happen to my biracial three-year-old ...

Man Tells Obama: Don’t Touch My Girlfriend

Barack Obama enjoyed an amusing exchange with two voters after a man told him: "Don't touch my girlfriend". The light-hearted discussion unfolded as the President cast an early ballot in Chicago. A ...
Armed RCMP officers head towards the Langevin Block on Parliament Hilll following a shooting incident in Ottawa

Canada: Police Hunt Gunmen After Soldier Killed

Ottawa is in lockdown after a soldier was shot and killed at a war memorial and dozens of shots were fired inside the nearby parliament building. Police told the AFP news ...

How Kurds The World Forgot Are Holding Off IS

Their numbers are small, their weapons home-made - but for more than two years they have tackled IS with no help from the West.   Right now in Syria a desperate ...
Carnival Magic Departs Dubrovni

Cruise Ship Stranded In Passenger Ebola Scare

A passenger on a US cruise ship in the Caribbean has been quarantined because she may have handled ebola specimens. The US State Department said the unidentified lab supervisor could have ...

American Shot Dead In Saudi Capital

A suspect is cornered and arrested after a US citizen is shot dead and a second wounded in the Saudi capital Riyadh. An American has been shot dead and another wounded ...

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