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Bishop arrested with home-made bomb in N

A bishop and a quarry worker were arrested as they carried a bomb in Nairobi. The two were intercepted in Runda estate as they drove

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Police say double slaying in south Minneapolis not random.

The Hennepin County medical examiner’s office on Saturday identified the victims of a double slaying as Dahir Ahmed Abdirahman, 29, of Minneapolis and Tahany Abdi Omar Erbob,

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Kenyan Police Accused of Seeking Bribes during Immigration Crackdown.

Somalis in Kenya say police are systematically soliciting bribes during an ongoing crackdown on suspected illegal immigrants. Police have denied the allegations.   Police searched the home of 20-year-old, Kenya-born Farhia who ...

Two UNODC staff killed in Galkaayo.

Two foreign workers who were based at United Nations office of drugs and crime in the semi autonomous region of Punt Land were killed. Managing director of Galgayo international airport Abdi ...

Nigeria Declares Self Africa’s Largest Economy.

Nigerian statistics chief Yemi Kale said Sunday the country's economy is estimated at about $490 billion, easily topping the $384 billion figure the World Bank calculated for South Africa in ...

Somaliland Hails British Step Forward in Independence Bid.

    LONDON — A city in Britain has become the first to officially recognize Somaliland’s claim to independence. The vote -- which is purely symbolic and carries no legal weight -- is ...

6100 police and soldiers crack down on Eastleigh.

A huge force of 6,100 police and soldiers has been deployed in the ongoing crackdown on terrorists in the Nairobi suburb of Eastleigh.  They are working in two shifts to cordon ...

Somali musicians brave war and insecurity to make music.

Mogadishu, Somalia - Just before the weekend, a crowd of about 20 people gather around silver-haired Jiim Sheikh Muumin at a sandy white beach on the edge of the Somali capital. Jiim, ...

Somali Man Sentenced To 18 Months For Running Fraudulent Columbus Tutoring Company.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A Columbus man was sentenced on Thursday to 18 months in prison for ripping off a state tutoring program. Ashkir Ali, 46, billed Columbus City Schools and Southwestern City ...

Boy, 17, arrested over disappearance of terror suspect who fled in burka.

A 17-year-old boy was today arrested for allegedly helping a terror suspect who has gone on the run after dressing in a burka to escape police surveillance. Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, who ...

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Somaliland 3 Gaadhi Oo Tikniko Ah Ka Qabsatay Khaatumo Iyo Indho-Sheel Oo Xalin Ku Sugan.

Sida ay ku soo waramayaan wararkii u ...

Xasan Sh. Maxamuud: Dadka Reer Taleex Xaqbay U Leeyihiin Inay Tashadaan”

Madaxweynaha Somalia Xasan Sheikh Maxamuud ayaa si ...
somaliland .

“Taleex Waa Degmo Somaliland Ka Mid Ah “Kornayl Cismaan.

Afhayeenka Ciidanka Qaranka Soamliland Kornayl Cismaan Cabdilahi ...
shil gaari afgooye

15 qof oo ku dhimatay shil ka dhacay waddada isku xirta Muqdisho iyo Afgooye.

In ka badan 15 qof ayaa ku ...

Meydka 7 carruur oo laga helay Utah.

Haweeney u dhalatay gobolka Utah ee dalka ...

Labo qof oo somali ah oo Minneapolis Lagu dilay.

Waxaa xalay magaalada Minneapolis Lagu dilay Labo ...

Dowladda Soomaaliya oo taageero ka codsatay Imaaraadka.

Dowladda Federaalka ah ee Soomaaliya ayaa dowladda ...

Raysul wasaaraha Soomaaliya oo gaaray Kismaayo.

Raysul wasaaraha dowladda federaalka Soomaaliya Cabdiweli Sheekh ...
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