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Qatar’s Emir Visits Gaza, Pledging $400 ...

Qatar’s Emir Visits Gaza, Pledging $400 Million to Hamas.

New York Times: JERUSALEM — The emir of Qatar on Tuesday became the first head of state to visit the Gaza Strip since Hamas took full control of it in 2007, the latest step in an ambitious campaign by the tiny Persian Gulf nation to leverage its outsize pocketbook... read more »

Khamis Gaddafi
Gaddafi’s youngest son killed during fig...

Gaddafi’s youngest son killed during fighting in Bani Walid.

The youngest son of the slain Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi has allegedly been killed in a battle in the northwestern city of Bani Walid, the country’s National Congress says. The 28-year-old, Khamis Gaddafi was killed during fighting in Bani Walid, Libyan... read more »

Ahmed Shafiq
Egypt freezes assets of former prime Min...

Egypt freezes assets of former prime Minister.

Egypt’s Justice Ministry has ordered the freezing of assets of the country’s former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq who is set to be tried for charges of corruption. According to the Egyptian state media, the order, issued on Sunday, has been made by the... read more »

Turkish premier slams Security Council o...

Turkish premier slams Security Council over Syria.

ISTANBUL (AP) — Turkey’s prime minister sharply criticized the U.N. Security Council on Saturday for its failure to agree on decisive steps to end Syria’s civil war, as NATO ally Germany backed the Turkish interception of a Damascus-bound... read more »

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Mali islamists

Mali Islamists ‘buying child soldiers’

Islamists who seized control of part of Mali are amassing money from ransoms and drug trafficking while imposing Sharia law, says a senior UN... read more »


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wins another 6-year term.

President Hugo Chavez won re-election Sunday, defeating challenger Henrique Capriles and gaining six more years to cement his legacy and press ahead with... read more »

Abu Hamza al-Masri

5 Terror Suspects From UK Appear in US Courts.

NEW YORK (AP) — An extremist Egyptian-born preacher entered a U.S. courtroom Saturday for the first time to face multiple terrorism charges,... read more »


Turkey strikes back at Syria after mortar kills five.

  Turkey’s military hit targets inside Syria on Wednesday in response to a mortar bomb fired from Syrian territory which killed five Turkish... read more »

Muslims burn Budhist Temple in Bangaladhesh

Muslims in Bangladesh Burn Buddhist temples over FaceBook image.

Hundreds of angry Muslims in southeast Bangladesh burned at least 10 Buddhist temples and dozens of homes Sunday after alleging that a Buddhist man insulted Islam... read more »