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Asian-Americans report 673 racist attacks in a week, hate crimes amid coronavirus

An online tool tracking racist incidents toward Asian Americans in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has received more than 673 reports in one week of collecting the information, about a third of them from California.

Two thirds of the accounts reported to STOP AAPI HATE involved verbal harassment, followed in number by shunning, like when someone moves seats when an Asian person sits down. 

Reports are coming from across all US states, One of the leaders of the Asian American organizations behind the STOP AAPI HATE said the expectation is that the number of reports will increase.

President Trump has repeatedly referred to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus,” reasoning that it was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

 Asian Americans have been widely scapegoated, regardless of whether they’re Chinese or not. (Asian Americans ― Indonesians, Chinese, Koreans, Thai, Filipinos, and others ― aren’t a monolith, but for Americans with bigoted views, that hardly matters.)

Asian Americans of every descent are dealing not only with the virus itself, but verbal and physical violence from xenophobic neighbors.

Many Minnesotans of Asian descent are facing discrimination as COVID-19 spreads across the state.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has weighed in on Twitter, reiterating that “Viruses don’t discriminate and neither should we. #OneMinnesota.”

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