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Black and Jewish Community in Minneapolis are boycotting Holy land Grocery after racist remarks

Racist social media posts by the daughter of Holy Land restaurant and grocery store’s CEO triggers calls for Boycott.  Business partners and local community are responding to the racist posts by the daughter who is also the director of catering at Holy Land restaurants.

There are multiple racist posts and racial remarks towards black people on Lianne Wadi’s social media accounts. On her Instagram account with the name LianneWadi, she posted and expressed her hatred towards everyone who is Black, Jewish, gay, and fat. In addition, she shared she was pro-Hitler and KKK.

In addition to calling black people the N word and accusing them of not paying their bills after they dine in, she reposted an account with the name of Hitler and said, “Holy Shit. I just realized.  Blacks are just as bad as jews” Liane Wadi, added that “I’ve always known that”.

The Black community are overwhelmingly suprised and angry on how many posts she called the black people the N word and associated blacks with monkeys.

She is well-known racist on social media. In another social media post she wrote, “God already punished you for being black so why would you make it worse for being gay”.

Some current and former employees of Holy land grocery said, she does not hide her hate toward her fellow Somali co-workers. One former Somali employee who responded to one of her tweets Stated she used to call him and other somali employee “Abeed” which is translated “slave”. So many Somalis are familiar with that term.

In one of her IG posts she wrote, “High school taught me that if you are Somalian, you are automically hated”.

One thing people could not grasp was that she starts her tweets or posts by saying, “The things my family say, or we believe”. It is clear that this hatred is not only a teenager saying this, but it came from the environment she grew up in.

Her father claims that he has fired her .

  “Not only as a CEO, but as a father, it is my duty and responsibility to ensure my family and Holy Land team members all demonstrate high integrity and moral compass guidelines,” Majdi said in a statement on Facebook about his daughter.

 Response from the Community

Management at Midtown Global Market, said in a statement Thursday they were terminating their lease with Holy Land in light of the racist posts.

“In no way does Midtown Global Market tolerate any words, actions, or activity that do not support our global community,” the organization said.

The Seward Co-op has removed Holy Land products from its stock and will not accept additional deliveries or work with Holy Land in the future, Seward said in a statement.

 “In the midst of the fight for true liberation of Black bodies, Seward Co-op stands with community in calling for justice and calling for peace, The hateful messaging from those associated with Holy Land significantly impedes that effort

The Somali Community encouraged one another to boycott Holy land busniess. There are Trending hashtags on Social media like #EnoughisEnough and #boycottHolyland. People also shared a list of Halal meats and grocery stores in Minneapolis that are not racist.

There are text messages and social media posts circulating within the Somali community encouraging people to call Metropolitan Airport Commision and tell them to cancel their contract with Holy Land @612-726-8100.

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