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More Somalis are dying of coronavirus in Sweden than any other group.

As coronavirus spreads in Sweden, Somali-Swedes may be particularly vulnerable due to lack of coronavirus information in Somali.

Somali-Swedes have criticised authorities for not doing enough to support the community during the coronavirus pandemic, national broadcaster SVT has reported.

It comes as it was reported that six of the 15 people who have died from the virus in the Scandinavian country come from Stockholm’s Somali community.

The Swedish capital has been hardest hit so far by COVID-19. In response to the deaths, authorities said they will be distributing information about the coronavirus in 15 languages – including Somali and Arabic.

As the coronavirus spreads in Sweden, there are concerns that working class areas of the country will be the hardest hit. 

The virus has been reported in the Jarva area of Stockholm, which includes districts Kista-Rinkeby and Tensta, and around 90 percent of the population coming from an immigrant background.

A local doctor suggested the virus may have spread during Friday prayers at a local mosque, but blamed authorities for not spreading information about how the disease is transmitted earlier.

“When [coronavirus] spread to Sweden, there was not so much information in Somali, and many continued living as usual,” Jihan Mohamed , a board member of the Swedish Somali Medical association, told the publication.

“Many live in crammed quarters there. Several generations can live in the same apartment,” he added.

One quarter of the people who have died from coronavirus in the UK have come from Muslim backgrounds, which has been put down to the same factors.

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