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Opposition leader criticises Qatar’s role in Somalia politics

The opposition Wadajir Party leader, Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, has accused the State of Qatar of interfering in the political affairs of Somalia and working with federal government leaders in order to extend their terms in office.

“Qatar has harmed Somalia enough. We are calling on it to stop its attempts to seek term extension for the leaders whose terms have expired. We are also calling on all those with desire for term extension to put an end to their ambitions, trust in themselves and have confidence in their people,” Warsame said in a tweet on his official Twitter handle.

The federal government, opposition leaders and leaders of regional states are at loggerheads over sticky political issues including the electoral commission’s calls to delay the elections, the electoral law and Banadir region’s representation in the Upper House of Parliament.

The federal government of Somalia has in recent years fostered strong relations with the energy-rich Gulf state, which has in turn funded several projects in the country.

However, opposition politicians have repeatedly accused Qatar of interference in Somalia’s affairs and undermining the country’s security.

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