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Police Profiling of Minnesota Somali Community

On May 18 2017, I Was at my Job, I took a lunch break at around 2:45PM. It was a beautiful Summer day.

The only thing on my mind at that time was, to figure out which of the restaurants in the area to go get some food from.

On May 18 2017, Was also the day I became a believer that POLICE PROFILING does exist, and it happens to ordinary, law-abiding citizens like me.

I have heard of Police Profiling before. I was also aware of all the things these Government Agencies do behind closed doors, and how they do Surveillance on ordinary American Citizens going about their lives who have no clue that they are being watched, and put in government databases.

To be honest, I have always convinced myself that  some of the things people talked about Police Profiling DO HAPPEN, and some of the things people say  about “Profiling” are just “OVER Reaction of people”and Conspiracy theories . 

Well well not this day, Not until it happened to me, and I saw it with my own eyes.
That  day I saw  what Police  Profiling Really means.

To make this story short,I was involved in a minor car accident in a parking lot. It wasn’t a huge accident, 2 cars ran into each other. My self and another person had a fender bender in the Parking lot.
Both our vehicles sustained minor damages, We exchanged insurance information, apologized to each other and both decided the only thing left was to call the Cops so that we both get a police report for insurance purposes.

The Police show up, it was an Asian Cop, a very nice guy.  We even Joked about how the accident happened and he also pointed out how he couldn’t determine who was at fault since both drivers  didn’t have a Stop Sign. He told us not to worry, Minnesota is a “No fault State” and under these circumstances, there was nothing to worry about, Both our vehicles had minor Damages blah blah blah …
I will say this cop and I  clicked, there were no hostilities, He treated me with respect and I did the same. In other words he was not a Jerk.

Back to the business of the Car accident.The Cop asked for both our drivers Licenses and Insurance so that he could start working on  the Police report.

I gave him my Insurance,  but soon realized there was a problem, I forgot my Wallet at home.
The Nice Officer informs me, “It is NOT a BIG deal it happens a lot”. He asks me if I know my driver’s License number?  I reply Yes, He asks me to follow him to his Squad car. We leave the other driver behind. 

The Squad car is not parked that far away. The Officer gets in the squad car, and I go to driver Side window of the Squad car, Officer starts Typing on the Computer, we are both calm, matter of fact, I am so Calm, am leaning on the Squad car.

I don’t know why,  but people are  intimidated by Cops but am NOT. I respect the Job they do. I am  not hostile to them, and I am not intimidated by their presence. We Vibe Respectfully. Looong story lets Skip.

Officer informs me he is ready for my Drivers License Number so that he can put it into the Police computer system. I tell him the numbers One by One, he puts them into the Police Computer, and hits ENTER on the Keyboard.

BOOM That Key Stroke changed everything, I couldn’t Believe my eyes after I saw what  popped up on that Police computer Screen.
The computer Screen in the Squad car was right in front of me, as I was leaning on the Squad car.
The Minute the officer HIT ENTER on the keyboard,There was RED FLASHING TEXT on the computer Screen,It said “POSSIBLE TERRORIST / POSSIBLE TERRORIST LINK’’. It was Flashing in Red Font color right in front of me.
I convinced my self  to NOT Panic.

But Wait. WTF?. They have that in their system under my name and Driver’s license? What in the world? 

But  again  I didn’t panic. The Officer saw me staring at his computer screen,  so he clicked away and opened another page. On that page was my Picture, The bald head ME Smiling. 😏

But believe it or not, I did not do anything irrational or throw a tantrum like some other people would. I let the Officer finish his report, We even joked about few things unrelated to the horror which I saw on his computer. 

After the Cop finished the police report,he handed both of us a copy of the report, The other driver left the scene.

The Minnesota Nice Police officer  turns to me, Smiles and asks me “Mr J**%, I am about to head out do you have any Questions for me’’? 

I reply  ”Yes officer ” I  have seen it “  He replies “Whaaat”?  What do you mean you have seen it?

I told him. When  you typed my driver’s license info into the police computer and you  Hit ENTER I have seen the RED FLASHING TEXT which said “POSSIBLE TERRORIST / POSSIBLE TERRORIST LINK”.  What was that all about? 

The officer Smiles and tells me “It is Just for officer Safety”. It tells us to stay alert “.It has nothing to do with you”.  and he also adds, “Since you have a Name  which is common in your community it is nothing Specific to you”.

My reply was “WOW” And the officer’s Reply to that was ” You shouldn’t be worried unless You are ONE, are You One of them??” He smiles.
Now am just staring at him in disbelief. Officer leaves the scene and I went my way .

So Yes That Happened In the State of Minnesota

The only reason that Incident disturbed me is, Lets say that Screen Pops on a Rookie, Paranoid Officer’s Computer screen. How would he react? Will he come at the Person guns drawn, thinking in his Mind He has encountered a Terrorrist?


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