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Puntland parliament rejects Banadir’s Senate representation, electoral law clauses

The regional parliament of Somalia’s Puntland state has rejected the recent decisions by the Lower House of the Federal Parliament, saying they do not conform with the Provisional Constitution of Somalia.

The regional lawmakers, in a special session, rejected the Lower House’s decision passing a clause that granted Banadir region (Mogadishu and its environs) 13 seats in the Upper House of Parliament.

The Puntland state parliament also announced that the region would not recognise all the clauses of the electoral law that were recently debated and passed by the Lower House of the Federal Parliament.

The development comes amid some discussions in Puntland on the next step the semi-autonomous state would take amid dispute with the federal government on the electoral process and other issues.

Some politicians in the region have called for declaring Puntland as an independent state just as Somaliland did in 1991.

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