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Somali opposition party leader: Qatar’s de facto ruler of the country.

Somali-officials deal with the Qatari-ambassador as a high representative from whom they receive instructions.

Is it logical that we antagonize the two biggest Arab allies, weight and history, namely Saudi Arabia and Egypt, for the sake of Qatar, which is killing our sons and seeking to destabilize our country?

Abdul Rahman Abdul Shakur, chairman of the Somali Wadajir Party, commenting on the leaked call revealed by the New York Times between the Qatari ambassador in Mogadishu, Hassan bin Hamza, and a Qatari businessman, Khalifa Kayed Al-Mohanadi, confirming Qatar’s involvement in the recent bombing in Somalia.

Abdul Shakur said, in statements to the Al-Arabiya.net from Somalia, that the blame for Qatari’s interventions in his country lies with the Somali government, which has become dependent on the instructions of Qataris. The Qatari ambassador in Mogadishu plays the role of High Commissioner, which is the same role played by the Ethiopian General Gabre, during his country’s previous interventions in Somalia.

He added that any country in the world has the right to have interests in Somalia. There are more than 50 countries that have economic and strategic interests in our country, but they are mutual interests that benefit the Somali people.

Such interests are carried out through the joint will of both countries and good relations, while Qatar seeks to implement its interests through terrorism, killing innocent people and terrorizing the Somali people, which was reflected in its involvement in the recent bombing.

He said that Qatar finances, according to the confessions its leaders, extremist movements in Somalia, especially al-Shabaab. Qatar used these movements as a tool to achieve its interests by intimidating the Somali government and the Somali people with violence and terrorism, so that they may accept their demands, stressing that the recent bombing and leaked phone call about it revealed Qatar’s policy to launch explosions to clear the arena for them in Bossaso port and get the Emirs out of it.

He pointed out that Qatar had played a negative and dangerous role in destabilizing several Somali states including Puntland. He called on the Somali parliament to sever relations with Doha and open an investigation into Qatar’s relation with terrorism in Somalia.

Abdul Shakur: Somali government implements Qatar’s agenda

He accused the Somali government of colluding with Qatar, implementing its agenda and allowing it to use its territory to destabilize the Horn of Africa region and smuggling extremists to countries that Qatar wants to destabilize and finance their terrorist operations. He said that his country’s government and senior officials deal with the Qatari ambassador as a high representative from whom they receive instructions as if he were the actual ruler of Somalia.

He pointed out that most of the leaders of Somalia stand in long lines to meet with the Ambassador of Qatar, which reminds him of the role of the Ethiopian General Gabre, whom Somali officials used to line up to meet him, during the Ethiopian intervention in his country. He pointed out that senior Somali officials violated the protocols and receive Qatari officers of small ranks and run behind them during their visits to Somalia, for which we do not know the reasons.

Abdul Shakur called on Qatar to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Somalia and to stop its undesirable and unacceptable actions, calling for the UN and Arab intervention to stop Doha’s excesses.

The head of the Wadajir Party asked how the Somali government is hostile to two major allies Saudi Arabia and Egypt for Qatar? Adding that since the independence of Somalia and Saudi support economically and politically does not stop, as well as Egypt stood by our country politically, militarily, health and educational, while we did not hear about any role of Qatar in support of Somalia only bombings and the killing of innocents and terrorize Somalis.

The Chairman of the Wadajir Party wondered how could the Government of Somalia antagonize two major allies, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, for Qatar? He added that since the independence of Somalia, the Saudi economic and political support has not stopped. Egypt has also stood by our country politically, militarily, health and education. We have not heard of any Qatari role in supporting Somalia other than bombings, killing innocent people and terrorizing the Somalis.

He added that since the late Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan era, the United Arab Emirates’ development and service projects, which it provides in support of the Somali people, have been going on without any other interests or considerations.

By Ashraf Abdel Hamid

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