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Somali troops kill top Al-Shabaab official near Bardale

The Somali army has said that it killed an al-Shabab taxation officer near the south-western town of Bardale.

The Al-Shabaab official, identified as Salad Dere, was killed in a raid conducted by security forces Bula Hawo village outside Bardale on 10 July. 

Army officials said Dere was in a list of wanted Al-Shabaab officials who were involved in recruitment as well as extortion for the group.

Part of the militant group’s finances comes from the collection of money and livestock from residents in areas under its control, in a process known as Zakawat.

It has an entire department in charge of collecting Zakawat, and its fighters have on many occasions clashed with villagers and town folks over refusal to pay.

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