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Somalia sends 20 volunteer doctors to help Italy contain COVID-19

Somali government confirmed on Saturday it has sent 20 doctors to Italy to help contain the spread of COVID-19 amid a surge in deaths.

Somali government spokesman Ismail Mukhtar Omar said the doctors are volunteers from Somali National University, who have been in some European countries.

“The 20 doctors have already been registered in Italy and are expected to team up with some doctors from across the world to help Italy to contain the novel coronavirus,” Omar said.

He said the doctors have been sent as part of emergency response team following appeal from the Italian government for international help to contain the virus.

Somalia, which has so far confirmed three cases of COVID-19, has banned all international flights as well as domestic ones as part of the measures to contain the spread of the deadly virus in the country.

Many countries are responding to the Italian government’s call for help in order to contain the virus.

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