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Somalia: Somali Elite Forces Recapture Fresh Areas From Al-Shabaab

Somali elite forces have liberated two villages in Southern Somalia following operations against al-Shabaab but there is still work to be done.

According to a statement issued by SNA on Monday, Somalia’s DANAB forces have engaged al-Shabaab fighters in Abdi-Dhore and Berhani villages which lies 50km west of Kismayo town in Lower Jubba region.

The forces managed to dislodge the group’s fighters from the villages.

The locals in the villages have welcomed Danab soldiers. The villages are now secure and are in the hands of the forces,” the statement reads in part.

The military said in its statement that the forces killed a number of al-Shabaab fighters during the clashes.

The liberation of the two villages came hours after the Somali national army recaptured Bandhub and Bilane villages near Dinsor district of Bay region.

The Somali government has intensified aerial and land operations against al-Shabaab in southern Somalia.

Al-Shabaab are known to flee the towns that they capture when there a government force coming to their way and hide out of the town.

That is exactly what happens to many towns in central somalia like Bulaburte.Bulaburte, Hiiraan has been isolated from the rest of the country for more than ten years.

Amisom claims that they have total of control in that town but the reality is different.Al-Shabaab has the full control of what comes in and what goes out of Bulaburte.

Amisom soldiers and the somali force need to step up and face Al-Shabaab. So far the whole operation seems like coordinated cat and mouse chase.

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