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Viral online video appears to show group of Finnish youths beating Somali girl

A VIDEO POSTED ON INSTAGRAM yesterday apparently shows several youths of Finnish attacking and beating a young female of Somali origin. The short clip has caught the attention of tens of thousands of viewers. 

The distressing footage was posted by someone who was not involved in the incident but claims to have a connection with the victim. The video lasts about 60 seconds in total, during which multiple young Finnish punch, kick, and grab the victim while she repeatedly pleads for them to stop.

It appears that the attackers know the victim in some capacity, given that they address each other in personal terms in the video. The original Instagram post has already been viewed tens of thousands of times since being posted yesterday afternoon.

Thousands of people have expressed outrage and concern in the comments below the original video, described the incident as “disgusting”, “racist”, and “sick”.

The Instagram IDs of the assailants are also mentioned in the comments from viewers and some of the assailants even take responsibility for the attack. Both the victim and the assailants seem to be young teenagers.

The Helsinki Times has alerted the police to the video and its contents

The report from Helsinki Times has been deleted and updated again.

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